So long Natalia

At the end of March, the ASATA Members in Johannesburg said “so long” to Natalia Rosa former editor of Now Media at the monthly Thirsty Thursday’s function.  It seemed quite fitting to host her “farewell” at the event considering the whole concept of Thirsty’s was something she brought to the industry.

Natalia as we know her

Breaking all rules of the Thirsty’s tradition Dave Marsh allowed us to get in a one minute word of thanks but more importantly to handover a collection from her friends in the industry.  Over eight thousand rand was collected and the intention was for us to buy her a gift that she would cherish and have fond memories of us forever.

Thank goodness we didn’t rush off and buy her that branded luggage set or those diamond earrings  because when we eventually asked her what she wanted her response was “Please donate the whole lot to CLAW”.

Community Led Animal welfare (CLAW) is an internationally known and well-respected animal welfare organisation, renowned as the pioneer of community based primary animal healthcare in South Africa. CLAW is entirely community based and its full-time staff all hail from the areas it serves, supplemented by a loyal band of volunteers.

Natalia, we salute your selfless character and thank you for making us better people by knowing you.