Tourism Business Council of South Africa

The Tourism Business Council of South Africa (TBCSA) is the umbrella organisation that represents organised businesses in the South African travel and tourism industry. The TBCSA’s mandate is to lobby the public sector, facilitate identified industry programmes, and monitor and influence macro-economic developments that impact the economy.

The TBCSA comprises of members from key travel and tourism associations, leading tourism businesses in South Africa, as well as companies who recognise the importance of tourism to the South African economy.

Whether a specific tourism business is represented individually or through a tourism association, the TBCSA aims to ensure that the private sector speaks with a single voice on macro-economic issues affecting the tourism sector.

World Travel Agents Associations Alliance

ASATA is a founding member of the World Travel Agents Associations Alliance (WTAAA), which interacts with supply partners, airlines, Global Distribution Systems (GDS) companies and government agencies. The WTAAA’s role is to represent and lobby on issues on its members behalf. It also mediates with the International Air Transport Association (IATA) on the global council, which represents eight global market associations that together make up more than 70% of global airline sales.

These global counterparts are shown in the table below:

ACTA       Association of Canadian Travel Agents

AFTA       Australian Federation of Travel Agents

ASATA    ASATA of Southern African Travel Agents

ASTA       American Society of Travel Agents

ABAV      Brazilian Travel Agents Association

ECTAA    European Travel Agents and Tour Operators Association

TAANZ    Travel Agents Association of New Zealand

TAFI         Travel Agents Federation of India


ASATA interacts with many industry leaders, regulatory bodies and the South African government in order to steer policy, planning and regulation in the travel sector. We are also affiliated with a number of local and international boards and committees, including: