You know you’re a Travel Expert. It’s time you let others know too.

Get your professional designation by registering your profile on the ASATA Professional Programme.

Here’s all you need to know about APP:


What is the APP?

The ASATA Professional Programme (APP) is an online system that recognises the expertise, qualifications and practical skills of Travel Consultants to achieve a professional recognition by ASATA and ultimately, the professional designation of Travel Practitioner (TPRAC) and/or Travel Professional (TPROF).

Is APP a training programme?

APP is not a training programme.

It is an online platform that allows individuals employed within the travel industry to build a profile of their travel related qualifications and experience achieved. Any interested individual can register on ASATA’s APP platform to build their profile which includes details on any formal qualifications, workshops, educationals, webinars, etc. they have undertaken and which is relevant to their role as travel consultants. This profile will act as a body of proof that ASATA will assess before conferring a designation.

What is the difference between training and designation?

A qualification: “Represents a planned combination/sequence of national unit standards that is intended to provide qualifying learners with applied competence and a basis for further learning. A cluster of learning the industry wishes to recognise.”

A designation: “Professional designation” means a title or status conferred by a professional body in recognition of a person’s expertise and/or right to practice in an occupational field.

Who can participate in the ASATA Professional Programme?

Any Travel Consultant currently employed within the South African travel industry, at any level or a Manager who continues to consult, are eligible to register on the APP.

If they fulfil any of these roles, they should consider applying to be registered on the APP and in time, achieving the designation as Travel Practitioner (TPRAC) and/or Travel Professional (TPROF).

Minimum Requirements for application for Designation

For Travel Practitioner (TPRAC) Designation:

  • Minimum Grade 12 or equivalent NQF Level 4 Qualification
  • Minimum two (2) years of practical working experience within the Travel Industry

For Travel Professional (TPROF) Designation:

  • Minimum Grade 12 or equivalent NQF Level 4 Qualification
  • Minimum five (5) years of practical working experience within the Travel Industry

Please Note: Should the Travel Consultant not meet the above requirements, a Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) process can be considered.

How much does it cost to register on the APP and apply for designation to TPRAC and TPROF?

ASATA members:

Registration on APP – Fee:                                              R177-00

Application for Travel Practitioner Designation:               R345-00

NON- ASATA members:

Registration on APP –  Fee:                                             R298-00

Application for Travel Practitioner Designation:               R595-00

Please note:  A registration on APP fee is payable annually and is due on the 1st of April each year.

How long is the registration on the APP valid for?

  • Registrations are renewable annually and must remain current for the designation to be valid
  • The registration period is from 1 April to 31 March of each year

How do I register on the APP?

  • Access the APP site on
  • Select either a Group Registration (multiple employees) or Individual Registration option
  • Once payment has been made, you will gain access to your profile
  • A unique URL sent via email, will allow you to complete your profile

What are the five (5) skills and competency clusters required for designation?

  • Operational Skills
  • Destination Skills
  • Services Skills
  • Business Skills
  • Computer Skills
  • Please note:  When completing your profile online, you are required to click the SAVE button at the bottom of each page as you complete a section.

Does the general Travel Industry and Clients (travellers) have access to see which Travel Consultants have been awarded either a Travel Practitioner (TPRAC) and/or Travel Professional (TPROF) Designation?

Once a designation is awarded we recommend that a consultant include it in his/her signature.

Benefits of the APP for the individual

  • Provides you with a profile of industry-recognised competency
  • Includes Continuous Professional Development towards a designation, career path, life-long learning and maintaining your designation
  • Creates awareness of training needs for each individual
  • Allows for recognition from your company, peers and clients
  • Distinguishes yourself from your peers who do not have a designation
  • Each individual’s unique profile will form part of the awarding of a designation as per the requirements related to the Recognition of ASATA as a Professional Body

Benefits of the APP for the employer

  • Recognition of the role of the travel consultant in providing services to the traveller, whether for corporate or leisure travel, in a professional and ethical manner
  • Endorsement of employee credibility
  • Setting of standards and a benchmark for talent and competent employees
  • Gives those who have chosen a career as a professional consultant a clear way of measuring professional development, monitoring progress as well as contributing to career advancement and succession planning.

Benefits of the APP for the industry

  • Over time we can identify skills gaps from the APP system, which will assist in planning relevant training initiatives and workshops with suppliers and training providers
  • Assists with the generation of statistical data based on levels of expertise, different demographics and identify emerging trends within the Travel Industry
  • Targets specific development areas that can be addressed through appropriate workshops and other training interventions
  • Promotes the Travel Industry as one that offers a career of choice for school leavers and an option of employment for the large number of currently unemployed individuals
  • Grows a talent pool and maintains a database of professional individuals
  • Contributes to professional brand identity and protection
  • Supports succession planning and the transformation mandate in South Africa
  • Enhances professionalism of the industry