ASATA to launch consumer campaign

ASATA will be rolling out two consumer campaigns over the coming months and is asking its members for feedback and advice to inform these.

The association’s new slogan “Travel with Peace of Mind” will be incorporated in to a variety of messages that will be added to ASATA’s Marketing Toolkit in a variety of formats for members’ use.

Examples of some of the messages members will be able to use across their marketing platforms include:

DYI travel last to know

The second campaign is centred around demystifying travel aimed at explaining the idiosyncrasies of travel that consumers often do not know about, as well as highlighting the need for consumers to use an ASATA travel agent to navigate the world of travel.  20tips

ASATA travel agents are encouraged to share their stories about common consumer misconceptions around travel, e.g. changing a name on an air ticket is not as easy as simply changing a name.

The two campaigns are being devised currently based on the feedback of ASATA members and will be launched in the coming months.