Zika: What you need to know

With the Rio Olympics just around the corner and reports of the Zika Virus spreading to Europe and more recently Indonesia, there is renewed panic and uncertainty regarding travel to affected destinations. The most recent facts WHO While the World Health Organisation (WHO) has not issued general restriction on travel or trade within countries, areas […]

The Zika Virus: should you reconsider your travel plans?

The Zika virus is spreading rapidly across South America, prompting governments across the world to issue travel warnings to pregnant women for countries where the virus has been detected. Thus far, 24 countries — including Mexico, the USA and Brazil — have reported active transmissions of the tropical disease. What is it? The Zika virus […]

With much of South Africa's outbound travel focused on African destinations, the recent Ebola outbreak has raised some concerns among business travellers preparing to do business within the continent.

The 2014 outbreak is one of the largest in history and currently affects several countries in West Africa, including Guinea, Liberia, Nigeria and Sierra Leone, as well as the Democratic Republic of Congo. So severe is this particular outbreak, that several airlines have cancelled their outbound flights to affected destination, while countries like Kenya and […]