Non-ASATA members

ASATA is only able to mediate disputes which are lodged against ASATA members. Consumers can ascertain whether a firm is an ASATA member or not by searching Find a Member.

Complaints against non-ASATA members may be lodged with the National Consumer Commission

ASATA Members

ASATA can proudly assure Consumers that the vast majority of ASATA’s Members continue to operate within the Code of Conduct as set out by ASATA.

Should a Consumer complain that an ASATA Member has not conducted business ethically or treated the Consumer according to the ASATA Code of Conduct, ASATA will investigate the matter.

Please note that ASATA will only respond to complaints regarding ASATA Members (i.e. travel agents and tour operators/wholesalers, not associates such as airlines, car rental companies, hotels, banks, colleges, etc.).

These steps may be followed should complaints not be satisfactorily resolved between the consumer and the travel agency. Email all your documentation to