Gender Policy

Do your clients have a gender-sensitive travel policy?

Do your clients have a woman-friendly travel policy? In a time where Duty of Care is at the top of everyone’s minds, a recent study conducted by Maiden Voyage shows that women travellers would prefer a more gender-oriented travel policy.

The study shows that almost a third (31.4%) of female corporates have encountered sexual harassment while travelling on business. Handbag theft is the second most frequent incident, followed by drink spiking and sexual assault, according to the Women in Business Travel Report.

The 200-plus female business travellers who responded to the survey included company managers, directors, CEOs and owners, and came from a wide variety of industry sectors including professional services, healthcare, technology, retail, education and government.

More than three-quarters (77%) of women travellers believe their company’s travel programmes should take account of their specific gender needs and 70% believe travel providers need to try harder to address those needs.

Three-quarters (75.3%) said their companies should prioritise suppliers who pay special attention to the needs of female travellers and 73.4% said their experiences of travel providers affects their policy compliance.

Carolyn Pearson, founder and CEO of Maiden Voyage, says: “The increase in the number of women reaching senior positions and a subsequent increase in women travelling on business means there’s never been a better time to look at the issues facing women travellers.”

According to Pearson, travel suppliers, in particular some hotels, TMC’s and travel risk management organisations, have been pioneering change and responding to the needs of one of their fastest-growing market segments.

There’s still a long road ahead though. “As our report shows, there is still much work to be done,” says Pearson.