Immigration Regulations: Quick Guide

Confusion surrounding the Immigration Regulations is growing and ASATA has posed several questions on behalf of its members to the DHA. Frustratingly nobody is responding and as the DHA are the implementers and enforcers of the policies related to the changes to the Immigration Act, we cannot comment without their input and are currently forced to send people to the DHA website or to contact their nearest DHA office to get clarity on this matter. However, we have compiled this handy quick guide in an effort to provide you with some answers and will update it as and when ASATA receives a response to our questions.

The issuance of any passport, visa-relevant document, government papers, are at the discretion of the official concerned and is beyond the control of ASATA and its members.  It should also be noted that consulates do not give out any third party information and therefore it does make it difficult for ASATA to make appeals on the travellers’ behalf.


Q: Can we carry a copy of the unabridged birth certificate?

A: According to the Immigration Act and the rules in section 12 (a) parents or the parent, or accompanying adult can carry a COPY of the unabridged birth certificate. ASATA cannot confirm however whether this should be a certified copy, but we would suggest as a cautionary measure do ensure the copy is certified.

Q:  For travellers departing before the end of September but arriving back after the October deadline will they (the child) require an unabridged birth certificate? 

A: According to various media reports and as stated by Minister Gigaba, Home Affairs will not be making any concessions. We therefore have to assume that in this case you will need to have the necessary documentation on hand.

Please see the Immigration Act extract here relevant to unabridged birth certificates. Details are included within this section, giving the examples of two parents accompanying the child, or single parents or guardians and the documentation that is required.

Q: Can clients with dual citizenship, i.e. SA and British passports still travel with both passports?

A: For details and questions related to Dual Citizenship or Dual passport holders, please refer to the : Civic Services section. The Immigration Section also has information on temporary and permanent residence that may assist with information related to dual citizenship.

It should be noted that there are some countries that do not allow dual citizenship and one would need to check such details with that ‘foreign’ country’s relevant government department

Q: Where can I find information on the documents required by Home Affairs?

A: Check the Help Section where all the documents that are required with the number of the document/s are listed, however, no documents can be downloaded from the site and one has to go into the nearest Home Affairs office in order to obtain the documents.

Check online for the accompanying documents you require, including getting passports or identity document size photos, and try to get all the documents together before you apply.

Q: Where can I find information about the services provided by VFS?

A: Visit for a full list of all the VFS offices in South Africa, including a link where travellers can apply online. Contact or 012 425 5300 for details.


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DDG Immigration Services:

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Disclaimer: The above FAQs should be regarded as a GUIDELINE ONLY. For full details and answers to any questions pertaining to the new immigration regulations, please visit