Industry leaders commit to ASATA Charter

South Africa’s leading travel agent groupings have made a groundbreaking public commitment to the South African consumer to continue providing professional service, conduct themselves ethically and behave in a trustworthy manner, thus endorsing the Association of Southern African Travel Agents as the benchmark of professionalism in the region’s travel industry.

At this weekend’s ASATA Conference in Somerset West, travel consortia, comprising 85% of South Africa’s retail travel industry, signed the ASATA Charter which outlines their continued commitment to delivering fair and transparent business practices, the highest ethical standards to further the industry’s professionalism, providing high-quality service, and confronting inappropriate behaviour and practices when dealing with customers and partners, among other commitments.

This ongoing commitment ensures ASATA members continue to meet consumers’ needs of value and security by maintaining the highest level of expertise and professionalism.

“The ASATA Charter reflects members’ commitment to ensuring the South African consumer will ‘Travel with Peace of Mind’ when booking through an ASATA member,” explains Otto de Vries, ASATA CEO.

“By displaying the ASATA logo proudly, our members are saying that they believe in and are committed to delivering to their customers on the promise of providing professional service, conducting themselves ethically, behaving in a trustworthy manner and being a market leader.”

Members who sign this Charter furthermore commit to being accountable and responsible in rectifying any violation of the ASATA Charter and to strive to prevent any recurrence.