Meet ASATA’s Board of Directors for 2013/2014

At our recently held AGM, ASATA elected its new Board for the coming year. With our recent adopted funding model in place, it was the first time we applied the new voting process to elect our Board Members, based on market share. We also used the opportunity to call an Extraordinary General Meeting to approve several motions, including the securing of two additional Board positions to include representatives from our Wholesale and our Partner Sections.

ASATA’s new Board Members are:-

President: Claude Vankeirsbilck – Chief Sales Officer of Tourvest Travel Services. In this role, Claude leads the New Business Development division and is responsible for building and maintaining executive-level relationships with the TTS corporate client base.
Vice-President:   Vanya Lessing – CEO of Sure Holdings Ltd. Vanya’s key responsibilities are to look after the commercial interests of the Sure Group stakeholders; being shareholders, licensees and suppliers.
Treasurer: James Sedgwick – comes from a financial background, having worked in the auditing profession before moving into the financial services sector. His involvement in travel comes through his directorship of Fishhoek Travel as well as the Sure Group.
Chief Executive Officer: Otto de Vries – CEO of ASATA. He was previously Managing Director of Holiday Tours and Holiday Travel and has been in the travel and tourism industry for over 25 years.
Members – Retail: Garth Wolff – CEO of E-Travel.
Bronwyn Philipps – Managing Director of HRG Rennies Travel.
Member – Wholesale: George Argyropoulos – Managing Director of Cruises International.
Member – Partners: Charmaine Hardwick – Group Sales Director at Protea Hotels.

The new Board not only represents consistency as we work through the implementation of our strategy of Compliance, Consensus and Confidence, but also includes 3 new Board Members, each bringing with them invaluable experience, input and guidance and helping to ensure that our vision of championing ASATA members as the consumer’s channel of choice when buying travel products and services, is achieved.

For photo’s and detailed biographies, please visit our About the Directors and Staff page.