To ensure that our members are able to participate in the day-to-day activities of the organisation, influence policy and guide direction, ASATA appoints Member Advisory Forums to deal with specific issues in the tourism industry.

The role of these forums is to discuss, debate and deliver real outcomes on industry matters, such as position statements and policy decisions. Each forum will include subject matter experts who will be mandated to deliver outcomes, from creating position statements on key issues to developing codes and policies. This level of participation will ensure that there is genuine confidence in ASATA by its members.

ASATA members can raise specific concerns, and if these are an industry-wide issue, the association will consider forming a Member Advisory Forum to discuss and resolve the matter at hand. Each forum is guided by clear terms of reference. It is managed as a project with expected outcomes to be delivered within acceptable time frames.

Overall, our forums help ASATA members to adopt global best practices in their businesses and remain legally compliant. From our side, they show purpose and opinion on how our industry should function and serve as a benchmark in a generally unregulated market.