ASATA membership is a vital part of ensuring your credibility both within the travel industry and in the eyes of the travel-purchasing consumer. ASATA’s membership base is directly related to the outbound travel and tourism market and comprises three member types: travel agents, wholesalers and partner suppliers.

Travel Agents

means a travel business in good standing whose Membership has been approved by the Board without limitations and whose core business is acting as a Travel Agent or a Wholesaler.


Means (i) a business involved in developing, preparing, marketing, and reserving tours and travel packages; or (ii) a business providing a travel agent with a wide selection of offers to destinations at varying costs for varying durations and in various seasons; and (iii) at least 80% of business conducted is between the business and a travel agent.

Partner Suppliers

Means a supplier in good standing and whose Membership has been approved by the Board without limitation.

Important Documents to Read before applying for ASATA membership.