ASATA Professional Programme

Recognising professionalism in South Africa’s travel industry

The ASATA Professional Programme (APP) is an online system that recognises your expertise, qualifications and practical skills to achieve a professional recognition by ASATA and ultimately, the professional designation of Travel Practitioner. ASATA is the only national travel industry body to be accredited by the South African Qualifications Authority as a professional body. As such, it is the only association that can award a travel consultant this designation.

Who can participate in the ASATA Professional Programme?

If you are currently employed within the South African travel industry and are a consultant on any level, or a Manager who continues to consult, you are eligible to register on the APP. If you fulfil any of these roles, you should consider applying for the APP and in time your designation as Travel Practitioner. Registration on the APP is available to all consultants. Access the site by registering your professional profile here.

How much does the ASATA Professional Programme cost?

Registrations cost is R177 for ASATA members and R345 to apply for the Travel Practitioner Designation. For non-ASATA members, the applicable cost  is R298 to register and R595 to apply for the Travel Practitioner designation.

How does the ASATA Professional Programme work?

The APP system will guide you on how to compile your own professional portfolio of evidence and monitor your skills and competencies and ongoing professional development to ensure you maintain a minimum 60 Continuous Professional Development (CPD) points over a 3 year period in order to retain your designation once awarded. The profile includes: qualifications, education, work experience, skills (operational, destination, service, business and computer) and details of your accumulated CPD points. The travel consultant and his/her line manager should communicate directly if there are any concerns or need for discussion related to the profile being verified by said line manager. Once the profile is endorsed by a line manager it will be reviewed by an ASATA-appointed Independent committee before a designation can be awarded. 


  • Registrations are renewable annually and the designation is valid for a period of 3 years during which the required CPD point accumulation (60 points) must be achieved and maintained.

Why should you enrol for APP?

  • Provides you with a profile of industry-recognised competency levels.
  • Includes Continuous Professional Development towards a designation, career path, life-long learning and maintaining your designation.
  • Creates awareness of training needs for each individual.
  • Allows for recognition from your company, peers and clients.
  • Distinguishes you from your peers who do not have a designation.
  • Each individual’s unique profile will form part of the awarding of a designation as per the requirements related to SAQA and the Recognition of ASATA as a Professional Body.

Why should employers support APP?

  • Recognition of the role of the travel consultant in providing services to the traveller, whether for corporate or leisure travel, in a professional and ethical manner.
  • Endorsement of employee credibility.
  • Setting of standards and a benchmark for talent and competent employees.
  • Give those who have chosen a career as a professional consultant a clear way of measuring professional development and monitoring progress and career advancement. 

Why should the travel industry support APP?

  • Over time we can identify skills gaps from the APP system, which will assist in planning relevant training initiatives, workshops with suppliers and training providers.
  • Draw statistical data based on levels of expertise, different demographics and identify emerging trends in our industry.
  • Target specific areas for appropriate workshops for training purposes.
  • Promote the travel industry as a career of choice for school leavers and the currently employed.
  • Grow a talent pool and retain professional individuals.
  • Contribute to professional brand identity and protection.
  • Support succession planning and transformation mandate.
  • Enhance professionalism of the industry.