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SAA now vague on refunds

Following a communication to the trade saying that SAA had reactivated its BSPlink refund process, ,the airline has issued a new statement saying that while the ability to apply for refunds is enabled, this measure is only intended to manage the airline’s voucher process.

The industry upheaval caused by the prior statement and the vagueness of the statement, along with verbal communication from SAA representatives, is causing agents to ask questions around whether the airline still intends to honour its obligations to refund unflown ticket-holders.

Ceo of ASATA, Otto de Vries, said that it was concerning that the airline had said that it had reactivated BSPlink in order to quantify its unflown ticket exposure when the airline had previously reported that it had around R3bn in unflown ticket exposure, (this was the figure that had been included in the airline’s approved Business Rescue plan). “Why does the airline need to quantify this amount again?” asked Otto. Another source pointed out that an agent would not need to apply for a refund for a client willing to accept SAA’s credit vouchers for future travel. “So how could the airline say that the reactivation of the BSPlink would assist it in managing its voucher process?” asked the source.

Otto said he would imagine the last 24 hours since SAA’s first release was sent out would have caused the airline to panic, realising how determined South Africans were to get their money back.

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