The effectiveness of any association is determined not only by the direct activities it performs and the outputs it delivers, but also by the ongoing input of its members through engagement and participation. To measure ASATA’s relevance and ensure we are on the correct path, wee need to periodically re-examine who we are and what we are doing in an industry that is continually evolving.

ASATA’s strategy of compliance, consensus and confidence has therefore been implemented as a way to add continued value to our members and achieve this goal.


One of our key roles – besides protecting the travelling public – is to ensure that we have financial mechanisms in place to protect our members from defaulting agencies and suppliers. To achieve this, we ask that all members agree to comply with the following:

The ASATA Code of Conduct
The ASATA Constitution
The applicable Terms of Reference and Conventions as entered into from time to time
The Consumer Protection Act
ASATA Advertising guidelines
ASATA Corporate Identity
All Acts and Legislation applicable to our industry

Our strict Code of Conduct defines how we deal with one another, with travel suppliers and with customers. It helps to self-regulate the travel industry and provides consumers with the comfort that our members are compliant with ASATA’s guidelines.

We act as a mediator to ensure that the South African consumer receives the best possible service from ASATA Members, and the right of recourse for resolving disputes.

As an indicator of the effect of our governance processes, more than 97% of the complaints received from consumers relates to non-ASATA members. Should a complaint be raised against an ASATA member, however, we investigate this thoroughly to resolve the issue. It should be noted that we do not become legally involved once a matter has been taken to legal counsel.

While our Code of Conduct helps ensure that our members are in good standing, the financial security of our members is still one of our biggest risks. To counteract this, we manage this risk through our strict financial requirements to become a member, as well as credit reports on new and existing members.


Adhering to Legislation
Abiding by ASATA’s strict Code of Conduct
Managing Risk
Training and Development
Financial Security
Representation and Affiliation


By interfacing with key opinion leaders in industry, we are better positioned to drive policy and planning and implement operational and regulatory issues, all of which are critical for ensuring the ongoing sustainability of the travel industry.

Consensus can only be achieved through participation, which we do through many local and global platforms. This participation ensure relevance and helps ASATA provide input on regulatory issues. For example, one task is to meet collectively under the WTAAA banner to put forward clear position statements to IATA on matters that affect us collectively.

These platforms allow ASATA to participate at the highest level to ensure the best  outcomes for the  industry as a whole.


Thought Leadership
Dispute Resolution
Representation and Affiliation
Open Dialogue with all Stakeholders


Through our actions and activities around Consensus and Compliance, we are able to provide the consumer with confidence when transacting with an accredited ASATA member.


ASATA brand (internal and external)
Members are “Go To” brands in the eyes of the consumer
Dispute Resolution and Mediation