Update: Ethiopian Airlines on ticketing authority for all GoLite accredited agents

Update: 28 April, 2021

ASATA has been contacted by ET and we can share the following:

“Ethiopian Airlines is of the opinion that IATA Easy pay scheme for go-lite agents has a caveat that may have a significant financial risk for airlines. Ethiopian Airlines has been severely affected by few go-lite agents in South Africa who happened to take an advantage of the system. Our legal team is currently perusing further action in court of law on those agents engaged in malicious activities that resulted in huge ADM and default amount.

In the meantime, the matter is addressed to senior managers of IATA and being discussed for possible resolution. We believe any payment system or new product should also safeguard airlines from possible financial loss.

The airline is currently reviewing each agent’s(go-lite) credentials in order to reinstate ticketing authority, should the agent meet the airline’s criteria.”