As the unofficial regulator of an unregulated industry, ASATA has two main areas of focus:

  1. To improve the current sustainability and profitability of our members.
  2. To ensure that the travelling consumer receives professional service.

To do this, we interface with key opinion leaders in the industry and senior government officials on all issues of common interest to our members. This includes policy, planning, operational and regulatory issues to ensure the ongoing sustainability of the travel industry.

ASATA values inbound tourism to South Africa and supports the vital growth opportunities it presents for the country. More recently, we’ve made the effort to distinguish travel from tourism, as our members tend to focus on fulfilling the South African traveller’s requirements. It is important to make this distinction, as the effect of bundling travel and tourism impacts training needs, statistics, and service delivery and understanding the economics of the industry.

Throughout our history, we’ve taken proactive steps to improve our communication with the industry through trade publications and the consumer press tackling issues that affect not only our member, but also the wider South African public. This ensures that our opinion is voiced and our comments are heard on a regular basis.

In addition to informing through traditional communication methods such as the online and print trade and consumer press, ASATA has a comprehensive and continuously updated website providing essential information about travel-related topics such as immigration issues and communicable diseases. ASATA is active on such social media platforms as Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook and runs a weekly members’ newsletter informing the travel industry about essential develops within ASATA and the wider travel and tourism community, both locally and internationally.

ASATA emphasises free trade without violating rules and regulations. Accordingly, we’ve entrenched a constitution and a code of conduct that self-regulates the travel industry. This gives consumers a benchmark of standards, as well as the comfort that members are compliant with our guidelines.

As a show of confidence in our credibility, the South African government recommends that all travel agency or travel management companies with whom they have travel agreements should be accredited ASATA members.  Flesh out with commentary on Lloyd Orr/ Big Ambitions, Social media, newsletter etc.



To champion ASATA members as the consumer’s channel of choice when buying travel products and services. This includes the current roll out of the brand’s new positioning; Travel with Peace of Mind.


To support our members in meeting consumers’ needs of value and security through developing and maintaining the highest level of expertise and professionalism.


To create and maintain the highest possible standard of integrity amongst ASATA members in dealing with consumers, principals and each other.


ASATA is headed by a CEO and administered by a full-time secretariat. ASATA’s continued role and direction are guided by the board of directors, in addition to ad hoc Member Advisory Forums comprising experts in specific areas of travel. Regional committee members are elected at regionally held AGMs, while the ASATA board of directors is elected at the main annual general meeting.