Domestic Tourism

Why do South Africans go on holiday?

‘Why do South Africans go on holiday?’ is an important question to ask for travel agents who want to tap into the domestic tourism market and promote and sell holidays in South Africa. And, South African Tourism is ready to reveal the answer to ASATA members.

It will hardly come as a surprise that the most important reason why South Africans go on holiday is to ‘relax’ and to have a ‘break from the routine’.

Most South Africans also see holidays as the ideal means to reconnect with their families. But that doesn’t mean they want to go visiting friends and family during their holidays. Most South Africans believe that VFR trip are all work and no fun…

Instead of visiting oom en tannie, South Africans rather want to explore new places both internationally and within their own country. They want to experience something ‘different’, and like to participate in exciting activities that will allow them to learn about different cultures and broaden their horizons.

The ‘new’ and emerging South African travellers, who haven’t travelled much before, see a holiday as the perfect opportunity to just get away and have fun. If these travellers can enhance their social status by posting some impressive pics on social media, even better.

The more hardened leisure travellers focus on holidays that will ‘rejuvenate their mind and body’. They tend to have busy work routines, and see their holidays as the perfect time to reward themselves with a trip that will recharge their batteries. The main purpose of their holiday is to reflect, refocus and return as a ‘better person’.

Although quite keen to travel within their own country, most South Africans feel they don’t have enough information about what’s on offer in their home land. As a result, they travel mostly to the familiar and popular destination. And, well… that can get a bit boring.

So, if you want to attract the attention of the domestic traveller, try and find unexplored nature-based destinations where they can experience exciting new activities. And… to let you in on a little secret: the beach is their absolute favourite destination, followed closely by the mountains and the bush.