As a customer of an ASATA member, you can expect:

Expert Guidance –ASATA Professional Travel Consultants use their extensive knowledge and experience to create, sell and manage various travel related products to holiday and business travellers.

Fighting your battles– ASATA is a travel thought leader lobbying on your behalf for better travel conditions. The association was instrumental in working with the Department of Home Affairs to delay the implementation of South Africa’s Unabridged Birth Certificate requirements.

You have rights–Trust ASATA as an impartial arbitrator in grievances against ASATA members. The association provides advice and can investigate and make recommendations on matters raised.

Trust– ASATA members are bound to a strict code of conduct that dictates the terms of their membership. As such, you are assured that the company you are dealing with is a bona fide member of the travel sector following best-practice management and operations.

Fingers on the pulse– ASATA members are kept up to date with all the industry issues and news, ensuring they’re first to know and can keep their customers updated with information that will impact their travel plans.

Value and choice– ASATA travel agents can tell you about all the available choices, special promotions and advise on the quality and value of a particular travel option. As a consumer, you can look forward to a variety of travel options and quotes from various travel suppliers. We work for you, the consumer, not for any travel supplier.

Convenience– Tired of trolling through the Internet? An ASATA member can source all aspects of your business trip or holiday, including air tickets, accommodation, car rental and much, much more. We have all the information at our fingertips, saving you time and money.

Entrust your travel with an ASATA member today!


Collective Power
Currently ASATA represents more than 85% of the industry, in terms of market share, including the head offices of most of the major consortiums.

The Voice of the Industry
ASATA interacts with industry leaders, regulatory bodies and government, steers policy, planning and regulation. ASATA is represented on a number of Boards and Committees both locally and internationally.

Industry Consensus & Policy
Through our Members Advisory Forums. The MAFs are tasked to deliver real outcomes on industry matters, from position statements to policy decisions that ensure we adopt best business practice, remain legally compliant and show purpose and opinion on how our industry should function.

Risk Management
Through our Members Advisory Forums. The MAFs are tasked to deliver real outcomes on industry matters, from position statements to policy decisions that ensure we adopt best business practice, remain legally compliant and show purpose and opinion on how our industry should function.

Training and Development
Through our Professional Programme, advising on relevant curricula for tertiary institutions and developing future leaders through our newly formed YPT (Young Professionals in Travel).

Engaging Trade and Consumer Media to voice opinion and be heard on matters affecting industry.

In addition to informing through traditional communication methods such as the online and print trade and consumer press, ASATA has a comprehensive and continuously updated website providing essential information about travel-related topics such as immigration issues and communicable diseases. ASATA is active on such social media platforms as Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook and runs a weekly members’ newsletter informing the travel industry about essential develops within ASATA and the wider travel and tourism community, both locally and internationally.

Assist in dispute resolution and provide guidance and advice.


By constantly highlighting the value and role of the Travel Agent. This is supported by:

Member identification stickers to assist customers in identifying ASATA Members.
Permission to use the ASATA logo on stationery, advertising and marketing collateral.
Participate in the annual ASATA Diners Club Awards, where we reward individual excellence in our industry.
Listing on our ASATA website under “Find an ASATA Member” section.
Seminars and Workshops on day-to-day issues effecting members.
Delivering Surveys, Reports and White Papers for strategic planning purposes.
Regular updates on industry issues and activities the association is undertaking on behalf of its Members.
Membership-only section on the website.
An annual conference providing a platform for Members to network, attend workshops and seminars, enjoy guest speakers and industry experts who will talk on industry developments, give strategic insight and share global trends.


By joining ASATA, you are able to strengthen your business; increase your client base and form vital relationships with thousands of qualified travel agents across Southern Africa. The key member benefits include:

Support the Industry
Show travel agents that you are dedicated to ensuring the retail travel industry has a healthy and prosperous future. ASATA works hard to secure this cost effective distribution channel for your products and services through proactive, aggressive advocacy and comprehensive updates of industry news.

Create Credibility & Trust
Display the ASATA logo to show travel agents and consumers that you support our Code of Conduct. The ASATA logo reflects your company’s commitment to quality service and ethical business practices. Travel agents want to do business with a supplier they can trust.

Connect with Travel Agents
Join us at ASATA’s Conference, Seminar’s and Workshops and promote your products and services to the travel agent industry by taking advantage of these face-to-face networking opportunities.

Strengthen your Network
Gain access to Members with our Member Directory. Partners can communicate to Travel Agent Members in a cost effective manner though our various platforms, including our website, database, blog, and newsletters. Join the conversation on our social media networks to build relationships with travel professionals.

Stay Informed
Have ASATA’s Library at your fingertips. Our extensive and easy-to-use database was created to keep you informed of what is affecting the agents you do business with.

Promote your Product
To our membership base of Southern African travel agents and tour operators.