Why would YOU use a travel agent?

Break open the champagne! 2015 appears to have sparked a veritable revival. Not that of the travel agent profession (you and I both know that we weren’t going anywhere). Rather, that of telling the world why we exist and why they should entrust their travel in the safe hands of a travel expert.

The media and social media sphere has been flooded with articles and comments on the benefits of using a travel agent these past three weeks of a new year. There’s a surge of interest in what was once touted by many as a dying profession.

A regular supporter of travel agents, posting frequently about the merits of using a travel agent, Huffington Post kicked off its new year giving its readers six excellent reasons to book a trip with a travel agent.

Cruise Currents then got in on the act writing why readers should use a travel agent to book their next cruise.

And Fox News reposted its 10 reasons why you should use a travel agent  explaining that they have clout, are on the cutting edge and, guess what, you pay the same anyway!

The travel community has also hopped on the social media bandwagon highlighting their important role in travel.

TweeWe especially liked this Tweet by @NTMtravel42 which actually took the time to create and share a video about what it can do for travellers  and US-based My Times Travel’s blog post on why travellers should use a travel agent followed by a barrage of testimonials to back her argument up.

For those of you bemoaning a slow start to 2015, sometimes you have to take the bull by the horns and remind your customers why you add value to them. It takes very little effort to follow our international colleagues’ suit and take every opportunity to share the benefits of using a travel agent, highlighting your expertise and how you’ve evolved to meet their travel needs.

Why not write a blog post and share it like My Times Travel has. Speak to your local paper about including a short article about the travel agent profession or simply log in to the Members Section on ASATA’s website and visit our Marketing Toolkit to download one of the quirky banners or social media posts for use on your Twitter or Facebook. Yes, it really is that simple!